Message of The Head

Message from Şeref Kazcıoğlu

Kazcıoğlu Otomotiv is a company that has managed to grow with sustainable quality together with its employees.

We have been struggling to reach the best points in our profession for more than 59 years but proved by accepting the photograph which was taken in 1960 with electric welding machine, oxygen welding machine and spiral grinding machine.

We believe that the best investment is the investment made in human beings and we have succeeded in incorporating the third and fourth generations into the company after receiving university education. For the continuation of the companies, we considered working life as a 4*4 relay race and made it possible for us to transfer the flag to the next generation faster.

While realizing all of this growth, we have determined to be beneficial to our district, province and country together with all our employees as the main target.

If we want to produce worldwide, we know that high quality manpower and state-of-the-art machinery are necessary. Kazcıoğlu Otomotiv takes firm steps in the world market with its high quality, fast respond, low cost production and on time delivery principles.

Our company, which does not neglect social assistance in the field of education, has donated it to the Ministry of National Education by constructing a Vocational Training Center on behalf of our deceased father Halil İbrahim Kazcıoğlu and an apprentice on behalf of our deceased mother Raife Kazcıoğlu. At the same time, volleyball, table tennis and wrestling athletes are trained in Kazcıoğlu Sports Club and we continue our efforts to be a beneficial company in the sports field.

The real secret behind success is family peace. We are indebted to the true heroes of this peace, thanks to our spouses and children.

Şeref Kazcıoğlu

  CEO ————–