In order to produce the parts in FABBRO with the same quality and transfer the design to the mold in the same way, coordination of modern CNC machines with CAD-CAM methods has been provided in the Molding department.

All of the machine molds and apparatus needed by the production department are produced in this department.

Our machine park in the Molding Department; it consists of CNC lathes, CNC vertical machining centers, Wire Erosion and universal turning lathes.


All products that pass the quality approval are processed in our machining department. Tie rod, tie rod end, rod assembly and sub-assembly sections are designed to produce just in time in the new technology machinery park according to the safe manufacturing logic.


In order to increase the effectiveness and productivity of our company in the national and international market, we are on our way to be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to quality by taking the leadership of the industry in our field of expertise, constantly improving our own methods.

Our quality laboratory has the ability to do precise and controlled measurement with modern and state-of-the-art spectrometer, contour profile scanning measuring device, 3d faro measuring arms, digital hardness measuring device, surface roughness measuring device, profile projection device, 3D printer systems, more than 400 kinds of gauge and control equipment.


Our engineering team consists of experts in every branch of production and responds to customer requests quickly. At the same time, this unit has the competence to design together with the customer thanks to the experience it has acquired.


The packaging department works with the principle of meeting all customer demands.

The packaging process is carried out by labeling and marking processes at the customer’s demands with packaging materials that will protect the quality of the product.


Products packed in the warehouse and logistics department according to customer demands are delivered on time. In addition, we have raw material, semi-finished and stock areas in our warehouse area under suitable storage conditions in line with the requests of our customers.

FABBRO branded products are produced by Kazcıoğlu Otomotiv.